Digital Alarm Clock is a small desktop application for your Mac. Its authentic-looking LED clock illuminates your desktop in reassuring primary colors (just like you remember from your old bedside table). Tell time the 1970s way!

Coming Soon is a novelty iOS app for your iPhone. We plan to release it on the App Store for free. Download it and enjoy a vintage LED clock interface on your phone. It's currently optimized for larger displays and iOS10. More details to follow. Shout out to our friends at Orchard for supplying us with phones to test our new app on.

Digital Alarm Clock

Digital Alarm Clock features digital and analog chimes and an option to launch any application or file. Better yet, set an alarm to launch iTunes and play a track from one of your playlists. Unlike your old clock radio, though, you can set multiple alarms, and make them apply only to weekdays or weekends (there's got to be some advantage to 21st century technology).

Thanks for Your Support

Since we launched Digital Alarm Clock in 2004, we've received a great deal of support from our customers. We've worked hard to include all of the features that you asked for in Digital Alarm Clock ... and we hope that you continue to ask us about new features. As a special thanks, we've included a special bonus screensaver in the current version. Thanks for making us a top choice at, VersionTracker and MacUpdate! Stars
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Download Digital Alarm Clock to see it in action on your Mac's desktop. Installation couldn't be easier, and we hope that it will quickly become your new favorite timepiece. Digital Alarm Clock will even remember where you left each window on the desktop between uses — perfect for your "Startup Items".

Try it for Free

Download and try Digital Alarm Clock for free. If you like it, you can purchase it for only USD $19.99. Credit card purchases are processed through your choice of eSellerate or PayPal. Digital Alarm Clock Preferences It's a secure, quick and easy process to receive your Activation Code within seconds.

About the Developers

Digital Alarm Clock is developed by the Coverall Crew, a Vancouver-based software development firm. When you purchase an Activation Code, you will be helping to support the development and creation of software on the Macintosh platform. For less than the price of Goodbye Yellow Brick Road on vinyl, you too can enjoy Digital Alarm Clock and its sleek LED display on your Mac desktop.
Digital Alarm Clock and Radio-Réveil version 2.7 are available in French and English as Universal Binaries for Mac OS X.
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